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21-Dec-09 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Dear Old Skibbereen
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Dear Old Skibbereen
I do like that interpretation, it seemed odd that he would sum it up early and then tell the story but I guess that's a normal way that conversation could go.

Biographical stuff on Patrick Carpenter I don't have, but as far as summing up emotion towards the Queen, this might be applicable.

We visited with a man who knew our people's geneaology (this is in Donegal) in 2004, Charlie O'Hara. He died within a year or two of that, and I'm just going to post some of his monologue to us in the hopes that he would not mind.   So this is NOT about Skibbereen, but it is about the people John W. Green came from, and his father-in-law Captain Roddy, and a bit of the bitterness that must have been passed down. He is speaking about the landlord in those days, one John Charley.

"Now the story about this John Charley with another sort of twist that relates to myself personally is that when he came here he wanted to sort of build his big house on Arainn Mhor. To dominate the people, to know that they were above the locals they would have had to build their big house. That was a must. So in order to build this big house he had to find a suitable site for it. So he reckoned that site that he wanted was for his big house was belonging to my great-great grandfather, Jack Boyle. Right? So, usually you would only be evicted for non-payment of rents but he said, " no, get out" you know what I mean? "I'm taking over, I'm confiscating this (….) and he kicked him out and made him move further up the road and carve out another piece of land for himself. Well, anyhow, he built what was known as the Glen House. Right? And it's now the Glen hotel. Right? (….) And of course he planted trees all around the perimeter, and you dare not even look across the fence at it. And he built a fence right across the Island. Have you been to the lighthouse yet? all of that territory, that's what we would call the bog land. He built a fence right from one end to the other. He confiscated all of that for his own cattle to graze there, you know. Now that was a major blow to the people of the island for this reason—it's that … in the old days it was because the farms were small that when they sowed the crops, like the potato crop or the corn or the grain or whatever it was, because they had such a small piece of land, they used to put the cattle out to graze in the month of June—in the spring – and bring them in again at the end of the autumn. You know what I mean? And the cows (….) because they only had four or five acres of land, they just didn't have any place to graze them at all. You know? But, when he arrived on the island he said, "I'm going to have to confiscate the grazing land." And he did. It became an offense -- totally illegal—for any animal or any person to be caught on what he termed the Queen's Domain. Right? To be caught on the Queen's Domain was bad news all around. You were arrested on the spot and you got probably three months of hard labor in (...)jail. He had his bailiff there to guard his property."

not sure how long a message can be posted, so I'll put another chunk in another post.