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Posted By: Severn
14-Dec-09 - 04:32 PM
Thread Name: The wimpiest song ever? Or is it deep?
Subject: RE: The wimpiest song ever? Or is it deep?
Point taken, Songbob. I took poking fun at ambiguities a bit far that time to the point of gettng a bit irresponsibly away from the real topic. Sorry.

As far as "Blowing In The Wind" is concerned, even having a little fun with being a literalist, even if you can kid the "answer" part of the chorus, the questions asked in themselves aren't "wimpy" and even if some of us still haven't found the answers quite yet, some among us are still trying to "get wind of them" or can "sense something in the wind" at times. indeciciveness and ambiguity are parts of being "wimpy" but not all things that can be sensed as indecicive or ambiguous can be called "wimpy" by a long shot. Whatever merits or faults the song has, I'd not put it in a Wimp Hit Parade as it's neither mild nor timid.

By the same token, I'm not really sure that something involving direct divine intervention by Mother Mary Herself, the only entity other than olive oil that can be graded Extra Virgin, could ever quite qualify as "wimpy", either. So scratch that one, as well.

However, to veer one more time off topic, in the Irish Rebel song of that title, The Foggy Dew" (as opposed to the "foggy-go-a-courtin'" love song, where in some versions, she's kept from the "buggerboo" or other things frightening and where the dew in this song is usually doubly foggy), IS indeed (and in word) just water mist, causing the IRA gunmen who didn't hit or even properly see their mark to mutter, "Damn! Mist again!".....