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Posted By: Severn
13-Dec-09 - 03:44 PM
Thread Name: The wimpiest song ever? Or is it deep?
Subject: RE: The wimpiest song ever? Or is it deep?
Most mothers actually said the equialent of,

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be will be
F**k off, kid, don't bother me.....

After, of course, we actually said,

Will I be happy, mama?
Will I be rich?
Hunh, mama? Hunh, mama? Hunh? Hunh?
Will I? Will, I mama?......"

.....real fast and real loud.

I suppose, in the 60's, folks would've said,
"The answer's blowing in the wind! GO CHASE IT!"
(prefferably in traffic)....

WHAT, Spaw?
No "See my trunk, how big it's grown.....I'm horny, I miss you?"'
Actually, the old Smothers Brothers TV show had a great skit based on that song....

And rivalling "Baloney In The Wind"

"Yes, and how much woood could a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck woo-o-o-ood?...." a great inspirational song that has touched countless millions by being able to mean any blessed (or damned) thing you want it to, I nominate:

                   LET IT BE

An old drunk I worked with on a midnight shift once growled out one night as it was playing on the Oldies station that only changed its playlist every two weeks and played it all in the same order at the same time,

"Let WHAT be?"

...andI always imagined somebody miraculously experiencing a sighting of Mother Mary Herself (It had to be her. She had the yellow circle around her head, just like in all the paintings!) who, after being asked what she has come to tell this totally awed soul, smiles benignly on this person and says,

"Let it be!"

...and the confused recipient of this miricle asking, hopefully before she fades away again,

"Wait! Wait!
Let WHAT be?
Do you mean let it ALONE, let it HAPPEN, let it EXIST or WHAT?!?!?!?!"

To which the Revived Stranded Virgin snarls disgustedly,

"If you don't know by NOW, chump, you NEVER will! I'm wasting my time here. You just BLEW IT, kid..."


"WAIT! WAIT!......."

....But alas, the miracle is gone with no buzzer or Parker Bros. home game as a consolation prize and another Great Mystery remains unanswered...

Not just anyone can screw up a bonafide miracle and, of course, this poor simple being is devastated, haunted for life and rendered absolutely useless to the world at large by simple words of Wizz-Dumb.

Mr. Vinton and Mr. Goldsboro and Mr. Sovine never quite did it on such a cosmic level.....