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Posted By: Bearheart
14-Aug-00 - 09:36 PM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
A great thread!

6 cats share my house:

New Moon (usually called Moon, or sometimes New Balloon) a 19 year old shorthaired tortoiseshell still going strong. She's the matriarch.

Cougar, white longhair, Amazon kitty. She's 10. Orphaned at 3 weeks, adopted at 5 weeks, she's beautiful despite her sad beginning.

Romeo, black and white longhair, named because he's such a lover. Unfortunately he also likes to hunt frogs in the creek just for the sport of it. 10 years old. A cat shelter cat I acquired while volunteering there.

Freya, shorthaired black. the panther of the bunch, silent, skiddish and enigmatic. About 8.

Rainbow (cause she's stripey), tabby on white, around 7 or 8. likes to think of herself as the baby of the family. Another cat shelter cat that I fostered because she was hurt as a kitten and couldn't give back when she was well.

Rumble (because of his purr and because he likes to tussle) orange tabby longhair. At 5 years he's the real baby. and still acts like it.

They share the house with 3 dogs-- Furry Hurricane (usually called Furry) and Monkey, brother and sister, mixed breed (Lasa Alpso and Pekapoo) 14 years old, Furry's various shades of brown to black, Monkey's black. Sam--short for Samantha-- a Rott mix who looks all Rott but is about 3/4 the size. About 4. Most of them sleep on the bed and spend half the night jockying for positions on the pillow (except for the dogs, who prefer the foot of the bed).