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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
01-Dec-09 - 09:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Victoriaaaaaar
Subject: RE: BS: Victoriaaaaaar
Humans are born with a biological capacity for language & culture; without it we don't develop - how can we? Without it, we're not human. We're collective beings & language evolves out of cognitive / cultural necessity - it is the software interface between the two. There exists a theory that over the last 50,000 years our mouths have evolved to favour language above dental health - thus do we suffer dental problems other higher primates don't. Hard-wired is a concept, a model, as most words & phrases are, but it serves to underline the absolute necessity of language a the signifier of our humanity. This is the way language works and gives narrative & metaphorical structure to our general concept of the world around us - even of ourselves. Consensus is all, and language can only ever evolve with respect of the collective, the culture of which is always evolving in and off itself, regardless of whatever absolutes & shibboleths we might set up along the way. These will pass away, as all things must in due course.