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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
30-Nov-09 - 06:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Victoriaaaaaar
Subject: RE: BS: Victoriaaaaaar
A comment from a 'colonial'.
Brian Sewell- good upper class English, easy on the ears (heard one of his travel muses on BBCAmerica), but after a while, to use a word once used by teens here, BOOOORrring!

ControVer'sy- said by Americans and most western Canadians; conTro'versy usual on BBCAmerica (heard in US and Canada on the cable). This stress shift heard on a number of words. Not objectionable; supported by the OED.

AmericaR, Alabamar, Victoriar; the R after vowel ending used by Irish in Boston and surrounds, immediately distinguishes them from the old upper class (brahmins) "like the Cabots and Lodges." Also heard from sone English here (from Sheffield- a regional variation?).

Most of the newscasters and moderators on BBC America are excellent, their English clear and clean, only the occasional slight accent (Lise Doucet, Julia Dunlop, etc.) which adds a bit of flavor.
The Weathercasters, however, are much lower on the scale- English average? Without the screen images, some would be not understandable.

The Army are or Chelsea are, rather than IS, grates on American ears, but not objectionable. I think the OED supports this usage.