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Posted By: ollaimh
22-Nov-09 - 01:43 PM
Thread Name: In Memory: Stan Rogers (1949-1983)
Subject: RE: In Memory: Stan Rogers
stan wasn't from the maritimes but his parents were and he opened up a lot of roads for musicians from the maritimes. before him canadian folkies would mosty only listen to maritime music if it was played by some one from anglo montreal or toronto or vancouver. they all had theiur "official"" maritimers. i know i played all those places back in the seventies and eighties and was tuened away from the official folk while getting the gigs and the nearby american festival gigs.

after stan the "gods of canadian folk" no longer were listened to by the real audience and many maritime bands and solos did fablously. before it was like black music in the inited states before elvis. after elvis the main stream listened to black people play black music.the twooldest bigotries in canada are against natives and then against gaels--who make most of the maritimes music with the acadiens to be recognized as well.

after stan rogers people listened to maritimers play maritime music and thats great. he opened many doors. john allan cameron started opening them but stan blew them off their hinges.and he wrote from the heart to the heart and his songs are sung everywhere because of it.