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Posted By: My guru always said
21-Nov-09 - 05:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa messages 2009
My Dear Special Santa,

How very kind it is of you to let me know that you don't live at the North Pole. You must be a very modern Santa then, you've probably got those elves of yours all organised with up-to-date labour saving devices like CNC and Plastic Moulding machines. It certainly cuts down the hard work and I guess that every year there are more and more presents needed for everyone!!

But turning the Atlas upside-down? Well I can't imagine such a thing, surely one would have to read all the placenames upside-down aswell? Personally I find that having a map pointing North is much easier to understand *grin*

You've kindly discounted Scotland from my search for you and also many other places too, almost a third of the World! And your clues might seem to point to you being situated North of the Equator. Dare I ask, while we're being all modern, what language your keyboard is set for?

I hope you're enjoying your secret garden as much as I am mine, though it is all rather damp at the moment. Hope you're safe, dry and happy!