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Posted By: Keith A of Hertford
27-Oct-09 - 03:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK immigration too high?
Subject: RE: BS: UK immigration too high?
There is none so blind as them who refuse to see!
Look at the graph, figure 4, that I linked to.
A steadily rising trend, extrapolated into the near future.
Look at the net migration graph that Richard linked to.
Net migration is shooting up at the start, 1998, and continues to rise for the whole period. There is an upward spike which is the EU influx, which peaks in 2005. That decline is the EU rush tailing off.

How can you two set yourselves up as an authority on population, and contradict the teams of expert demographers, statisticians, economists and social scientists employed by the ONS.
Do you have more comprehensive and up to date statistics than they do?Please tell us how you know that they have got it completely wrong, and you two know better????
I believe the professionals.
Who do you think is going to believe you????
You are in denial.