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Posted By: Richard Bridge
25-Oct-09 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: BNP on question time
Subject: RE: BS: BNP on question time
Diane, I think you are being perhaps oversensitive about the use of the word "lady". In principle I agree with you but it has for so long been a mark of manners to say "lady" rather than "woman" that it can be difficult to break the habits of a lifetime, and there are still people who take umbrage if referred to as "women" rather than "ladies". Somewhat similarly there are aristocratic and county circles in which it is considered unacceptably lower middle class to say "pardon" in stead of "what?". I gather that the Queen mother used much to mock those who did not know the difference between the pronunciations "marm" and "mam" for the elision "ma'am".

I do however wholly agree with you that it would be easy to see the reference to "Baroness Azizi" as a mistake for "Baroness Warnsi" as betraying an insulting confusion. But your reference to "the Azizi person" could also be seen as insulting. Plays on the names of people are seldom wholly innocent.

And Keith, to say that none of the left-wing parties speak for the legitimate concerns of "urban working class" is simply foolish, but worse it seems to resonate to the BNP dogwhistle. For example Galloway's "Respect" party speaks for quite a range of working and dispossessed including Asian (or, in Barness Warnsi's word "brown" in the current British usage of the word which does not include "Oriental", but I do not think she dared to say "yellow"), so who is it you say are unrepresented other than the BNP core of the white underclass?