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Posted By: MGM·Lion
25-Oct-09 - 09:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: BNP on question time
Subject: RE: BS: BNP on question time
,The truth is that Harold Nicholson, minister of information in 1940, instructed the newspapers to censor the fact that the Queen was booed on her first visit to the East End, and vegetables were throw at the royal entourage.'

G WEBB - What your source for this bumhole-bollox of a story? Were you in London at the time? I suspect you didn't even exist in those days. I was there. As I have related previously, my school [north not east London, but London JTS] was one of the places they visited. Anyone who had thought of booing — which of course nobody did — would have been fucking lucky not to be torn to pieces. Another thing I will tell you is that there was no such thing as "the Queen...on HER first visit to the East End" - there were always THE KING & Queen on THEIR visit on such occasions; you seem to believe she just went swanning about by herself without him — she was, in fact, in the main the adjunct, the consort. It was the monarch who mattered. I will tell you that nobody booed or threw anything. You would do well not to believe too many of the writings of leftie·wankers with agendas, mate. I say again, you haven't provided any source for this pathetic pigsbum of a tale.