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Posted By: Peter T.
10-Aug-00 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: Dear Dr. Folkenmusik
Subject: RE: BS: Dear Dr. Folkenmusik
No no, Disheartened, if it vas not for yourr strings gebreaking zere would be no parallel universe (and in such a universe the six parallel strings would meet at a point in the headstock at one end of ze universe and at the bridge at the other end, thus creating non-Euclidean music, which would of course be Euclidean in such a universe, if Lobachevsky is right as Professor Tom Lehrer has suggested). I further note that in zuch a universe, "breaking wind" would be the literal truth, which is why catspaw would only exist if Schrodinger refused to open the box because of the probability of the smell. Just to clear zese things up (or down).

abend! Herr Dr. Folkenmusic (Direcktor, Famous Folk Artists School)