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Posted By: Richard Bridge
25-Oct-09 - 05:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: BNP on question time
Subject: RE: BS: BNP on question time
Oh, and when Joe removes Helen, 200 again!

Yes, Helen, I disagree with you. There is a balance to be taken. Those who do apply reason in or to politics, that is to say the vast majority even if they err) will be further repulsed by by the BNP and those who had failed to see what it was and voted for it as a form of rebellion or protest will be helped truly to perceive it and so those things will lose the BNP votes.

Conversely, the pathetic wingers who say that no party represents them (which may be a fact, but if so is largely because their views are repulsive antisocial and economically and genetically illiterate) will be further convinced that they are not represented. They need education, but until they get it that core maybe increased in its diligence in BNP voting.

Further, racist bigoted wannabee authoritarians who did not know about the BNP already (can there really be any that stupid?) will now know more about it. They will therefore be enabled to vote for it - unless they are put off by the incompetence and ignorance the BNP leader displayed.

Thus, although there is a risk that arises from giving the BNP the oxygen of publicity, I am by no means convinced that it will come to pass. Who would be attracted to a party whose leader was shown to be stupid?