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Posted By: Richard Bridge
24-Oct-09 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK immigration too high?
Subject: RE: BS: UK immigration too high?
The points based system can be tailored by adjusting the points threshold.

The legality of detaining pending asylum seekers and others needing but not having visas can be dealt with by primary and probably secondary legislation.

The period for asylum determinations is down.

The number of successful asylum applications is down.

Location of removees can be dealt with (eg anklets).

Log-in and log-out issues can be dealt with.

A8 immigration is now negative.

Japan has one of the most rapidly ageing populations (particularly Tokyo) and the UK one of the next. To support the pensions timebomb we NEED population growth. That or the demolition of capitalism. Or compulsory euthanasia and a Malthusian doctrine.

And the main cause of population growth is not immigration.   

Therefore the opposition to immigration, and Keith's basic premise, is at best xenophobia.