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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
23-Oct-09 - 08:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK immigration too high?
Subject: RE: BS: UK immigration too high?
""I am only arguing for a balance between immigration and emigration.

All the parties agree that immigration is too high.
I am just arguing with three people who refuse to see what is obvious to anyone.

And we are arguing with one person whose thinly disguised agenda would, if it were put into practice, do more damage to this country than two world wars.

The system is in place to control further immigration. It just isn't the system YOU want to see.

You rant about lack of housing, but somehow fail to notice that the Polish building workers currently in this country are among the hardest working, most conscientious tradesmen we have.

Let's see now. We don't have enough houses, right?

So let's send the people who want to immigrate into this country packing, yeah?

Hang on a minute, every Polish work gang of say eight men is building houses for huge numbers of British citizens. Even if each of those men takes up one house, he's going to contribute to the building of hundreds of others.

So, how does he rate as a drain on British resources?

1. He houses native citizens
2. He works for the hours he's paid for
3. He pays taxes, and National Insurance
4. He doesn't disappear for three days in the middle of a job

I'm beginning to think we should keep him, and send certain others packing

Don T.