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Posted By: Azizi
22-Oct-09 - 02:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: BNP on question time
Subject: RE: The new leaked BNP membership list
I have a number of questions about the BBC's Question Time program.

I found this link to the show:

But I'm still not sure about that show's format. Am I correct that there is more than one panelist interviewed by the show's moderators/hosts with the possiblility of additional questions from the studio audience?

If so, who were the other panelists for that show with Nick Griffin? I recall reading that two of them were People of Color and that one of these panelist is an African American. Would a Mudcat member please post information about these panelists, including those two who are People of Color? Thanks.


Also, I'm very curious about the response that the studio audience had to Nick Griffin on that show. Here's a viewer comment that was posted on that web page whose link I've gave above:

"Isn't it telling that at the and of tonight's show, Jacqueline Smith got a bigger boo than Nick Griffin? I don't like either of them but it makes you think"...
David Beck, Haywards Heath


Who ia Jacqueline Smith and what is your take on why the studio audience may have booed her more than Nick Griffin?


Also, if Question Time's format is a political debate, is it customary for studio audiences to boo or cheer those who are part of the debate? I ask this because in the United States, the moderators for televised debates always start by cautioning their studio audiences to be very quiet, and neither boo, cheer, or clap. My recollection is that the audiences usually adhere to these guidelines. Also, I don't recall television camera shots of the audience. Is this different in the UK?


And of course, I'm interested in knowing about the reaction of Mudcat members to that particular Question Time program.

If you are aware of any YouTube videos of that program, please post links to them.

Thank you.