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Posted By: Downeast Bob
10-Aug-00 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Dear Dr. Folkenmusik
Subject: RE: BS: Dear Dr. Folkenmusik
Sensitive in Sandusky wrote:

"Dear Dr. Folkenmusik,

I always like to sound my best so I always put a brand new set of strings on my guitar just before the first set of a gig. My problem is with the other band members. As the set goes on, the other players get more and more out of tune. I don't think they put new strings on. My question is what is the best way to get the other band members to stay in tune with me? I don't want to hurt their feelings. "

Dear Sensitive:

The problem is more likely with their ears than with their strings. Changing strings before every gig is a good idea (if you're not overly frugal or as lazy as the average folk singer) because it makes the sound of your instrument shine. I'm not sure that new strings stay in tune any better than old ones. In fact, nylon strings (which a lot of folkies used to use) are notorious for going out of tune when they are first put on. Maybe what your band needs is to plant someone in the audience who has a good ear and is less sensitive than you to holler out, when needed, "Sheesh! Somebody's really out of tune."

Respectfully, Dr. Folkemusick