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Posted By: jeddy
20-Oct-09 - 09:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: BNP on question time
Subject: RE: BS: BNP on question time
good point ake, but when this war was decided upon, i was not here, i assume that there was an uproar. people marched in protest here and in the US, it made no difference.   how blair won another election after that i have no idea.

however, the war in iraq and afganistan is not based on race, or skin tone, in fact it probably isn't even about weapons or honour.

if you start a thread on this ake, i will happily talk about it there.

you worry me sometimes ake, in that sometimes i just don't get your logic. blair or griffin? not sure. i can't stand either of them nor do i trust them.
i suppose griffin is more see through. he says things are not about race but clearly they are.

the BNP may well get a few more votes next time round, but if it makes others go out and vote for anyone else, doesn't matter who, they will in fact move further down the chart.
if this programme moves even a thousand more get off their arses, then i think it will make a huge difference in the polls.

the way forward for any party is education.
alot more people are getting disinterested in who runs this country, maybe that should have been disheartened?
so the more info the public have about who and what they are voting for can be no bad thing.

sleep well all

jade x x x x x