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Posted By: seligmanson
09-Oct-09 - 09:27 PM
Thread Name: music critics,do we need them?
Subject: RE: music critics,do we need them?
Spleen Cringe, I'm going to shout at you now, because otherwise I don't think you'll hear me. This is more-or-less what a lot of us have been saying: NONE OF US YOU'VE BEEN TRYING TO PICK A QUARREL WITH OBJECT TO CRITICISM. WE ACCEPT AS PERFORMERS THAT WE ARE OPEN TO BEING CRITICISED. EVERY PERFORMER OF GOOD STANDING TAKES CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM SERIOUSLY, AND GIVES IT PROPER CONSIDERATION BEFORE DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO ACCEPT IT. There now, that's out of my system. MY problem is that I don't like bullies - and yes, S.C. I do mean you. What I object to in a critic is the kind of carping, sneering, arrogance which you seem to have mastered very efficiently;and maybe that's your problem, maybe that explains why you're so sour. This is about you not receiving the respect you are convinced you so richly deserve. In your own person you demonstrate exactly the failing which Jim Carroll has so succinctly pointed towards - the unwillingness to accept criticism. But can it be that, however? After all that's what you're accusing me and Jim and Good Soldier Schweik of, though of course we did say ther exact opposite.
Many performers don't just want but NEED a proper critical appreciation of their work: we're not going to get that from YOU, though, are we, S.C.?