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Posted By: haddocker
04-Oct-09 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: This is no time to be silent...G20 in Pittsburgh
Subject: RE: This is no time to be silent...G20 in Pittsburgh
That elite group of individuals includes Barack Obama, for whom, I assume, you voted for. Are the "concerned individuals" working with him or against him?
   Oh, and I'd like to include a little trivia about the war protests of the 60's. We would have been quite happy to have you (generic, collective you) end the war. But in fact, your mass demonstrations and fervent self sacrificing resolve really boosted the enemy's(yes, boys and girls, ENEMY, who were, in fact, trying to kill us)morale, and they would express their new found encouragement and renewed faith with rockets and mortars. They would pound the living crap out of us whenever you made the headlines and the evening news. To every front there is a back.