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Posted By: Anne Lister
03-Oct-09 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
We have just one, Persia, who has been with us for 15 months now. Was a rescue cat, picked up living rough at the age of 6 months with a litter of kits (which didn't make it). She is a total star - we now think part Burmese - who is intelligent, funny (yes, she knows she is) and wonderfully affectionate. She spends part of the night on our bed, generally lying on top of me as I lie on my side, but she's got us into a routine whereby at the end of every day we have to have a "cat" time. She leads us into the sitting room where we either lie down next to her and admire her, or she has us trained in various games. We've just reverted to the Curtain Game, which she invented last year. The curtains are at the french windows and are therefore floor to ceiling. She hides behind them. We use those little foil crinkle balls and place them in folds of the curtains. She will pounce on them, generally propelling herself along the floor on her stomach or back in order to whop the balls back at us. One day I'll remember to take my phone down and video the whole thing, which is every bit as funny as some of the stuff on YouTube.