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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
03-Oct-09 - 07:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK immigration too high?
Subject: RE: BS: UK immigration too high?
Control is fine,and we already have that, so where is the problem?

If less immigration is indicated by, for example, a lack of employment, or a lackof sufficient accommodation, then a simple alteration in the numbers permitted, or a restiction on trades we do not have a need for, and it's sorted.

Once the race bogey is removed from the equation it becomes very simple.

Unfortunately, the majority of those who are complaining about immigrants are very much concerned as to the colour of those they wish to exclude, and most of those are also in favour of repatriation, voluntary or otherwise.

I wonder, if we repatriated all those of different ethnic backgrounds, and their countries of origin repatriated all who were of British ethnic origin back here, WHO would get the worst of THAT exchange?

Don T.