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Posted By: haddocker
01-Oct-09 - 10:56 PM
Thread Name: This is no time to be silent...G20 in Pittsburgh
Subject: RE: This is no time to be silent...G20 in Pittsburgh
And once more I ask: " What exactly are they protesting about?" Rovics, you have described a simple cause and effect relationship between the "protesters" and the police. I will agree with you that dissent is not tolerated in this society, but that is because when it is executed it is in the form of some outrageous behavior on the part of a bunch of spoiled brat rich kids who have been drinking and partying there way through college and yet call themselves "students". They expect that they can get away with anything as long as they are attached to some cause. They are the reason why many causes fail. Now I ask you one more time: WHAT IS THE DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THE REASON FOR THEIR PROTEST? I would propose that the perpetrators themselves are unclear in their argument. Most were back in the 60's when I had come back from Vietnam. Case in point...I was playing my guitar in a park in Providence Rhode Island when a large group of protesters came down the street. Wishing to know what was going on, I asked several of the participants who were quite vociferous yet vague about their mission. "I don't know, man.", "Something just happened, but I don't know what it is..." and "We gotta' stop the war man..." were a few of the more intelligent responses I received. What it was, I found out later, was Nixon's bombing of Cambodia. But few in that mob had a clue.