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Posted By: Royston
01-Oct-09 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK immigration too high?
Subject: RE: BS: UK immigration too high?
But to answer the original question, is UK Immigration too high (pending Keith's clarifications) I would say, in general terms...

The British went out and dominated the planet by way of an Empire. We took an enormous amount of wealth and accrued an almighty set of privileges for ourselves.

As Empire was disbanded, we invited planned numbers of British Citizens from the Imperial Colonies to come and live in Britain and continue to be British. Those British Citizens happen to have been Indian, Pakistani, African and Caribbean by descent.

They were as entitled to live here on these islands as any other British Citizen.

I believe they and their descendants have enriched our Great nation in the period since 1945 and helped forge modern Britain as much as any other hard-working British person has.

In figures that Keith and I agree on, immigration ticked over unremarkably until 1997 or therabouts when, like the rest of the Western World, we launched ourselves into the great economic bubble (boom, if you will). The immigration rate increased again because we needed an awful lot of tax-paying workers. The proof of that need lies in the fact that even with the influx of people, we had effectively full employment in this country.

Now we are in recession, migrant workers are leaving and the new arrivals have fallen through the floor (numerically).

Oh, because we went out and started destroying and murdering in Iraq and Afghanistan, we were obliged to offer asylum to many of our victims. I regard that as the least we could do (and not enough).

So all told, no I don't think, in the very general terms of the original question, that "Immigration is too high".