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Posted By: GUEST,Anto Carroll
12-Sep-09 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: The Mero (explanation wanted)
Subject: RE: The Mero (explanation wanted)
Mysha fair play to a foriegner giving the best explanation to an old dub song. i was talkin to my grandad and he was talkin about all the killings and murders going on today in ireland and he said how he and other men in dublin years ago used to have a fist fight to sort out their differences but the next day they would be sitting in the pub having a drink together and being the best of mates. as he was talking it reminded me of this song and i mentioned the song THE MERO and his face lit up as if he hadnt thought about it for years. he went on to tell me about the first film he seen in it (king kong, the old one) and how he and his mates and other people used to hate missing any of the film by leaving to go the toilet (i dont think it had a toilet) so they just pissed behind the seat in front of them. basically, this song is about someone who has grown up in dublin and has seen changes that they didnt like e.g. people using weapons (guns etc) to sort out their differences and how sad and afraid it makes them. he also told me he and his mates used to hang around DOLLY FOSSETS when they were kids just to do errands for the lady who owned the "house of ill repute". she used to give them six pence for goin to get milk and things for the "gentlemen" who visitd the house. i could go on for ages on just what my grandad told me about it but what he did tell me gave me a great understanding of this song. now i have it as the ringtone on my phone. before he explained the mero to me i never knew what it was. i had an idea what 'now they're all playin bang bang, thats goin too bleedin far',
meant. but now i fully understand the song and love it. and this was well before my time im only in my mid thirties. my grandfather is 87.