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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-Sep-09 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: Winfield 2009 - Walnut Valley Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield 2009 - Walnut Valley Festival
The ones interviewed were a somewhat "special" group, so far as I could tell. The guy who played the banjo (including the background during the rest of the "interviews") is one I'd not heard play before, and I don't really know where - with what group(s) - he camps.

"Andre" (not his given name but what most campers know) is one of the beergarden folk. Waking times for that whole group are somewhat "random'" but they're one of the groups where there's nearly always someone awake.

(In that group, waking hours and conscious hours do not necessarily correlate closely, although they've developed a significant "second generation of kids" - under 25(?) with kids under 5(?) - who seem mostly "sane.")

I was told that a "fringe beergardner" was a photog for the Wichita Beagle and was going to try to get them to assign him to a "photo shoot" so he could "work" during Lineup. I don't know whether that was the stimulus for the piece. The one named would have a pretty good idea what's of interest to the people here, but the editors probably wouldn't let him "paint a true picture." The article came through, as usual, as if the media "hasn't got a clue" about what's really going on.