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Posted By: The Sandman
30-Aug-09 - 07:45 AM
Thread Name: music critics,do we need them?
Subject: RE: music critics,do we need them?
Subject: RE: music critics,do we need them?
From: M.Ted - PM
Date: 26 Aug 09 - 12:12 PM

As per the original post, the internet actually opens the door to more of the "Tom Cobbley" sorts of reviews, because, though every editor chooses his/her writers with care, internet critics, on blogs, discussion forums and in the ubiquitous "comments" postings, are self-selected.
ok, from a blog called Folk Yourself,this blogger has illegally,ripped off a recording of a vinyl copy of Cheating the Tide,
Some person purporting to be Captain Birdseye[which used to be my old pseudonym on this thread,before Gervase Webb and Geoff Wallis referred to me as Captain Birdbrain],posted this comment.
I hardly think this comment is self selected,and certainly was not posted by me.
Captain Birdseye said...

    Dick Miles is not 'a good English folksinger' - he's fecking terrible and he's naff on the concertina too!

    March 15, 2009 5:02 PM
It is my personal opinion,that whoever it is that goes around writing remarks like that about other performers,is an obsessive with a massive grudge,and needs psychiatric help.
to continue it shows that all blogs are not just sycophantic,self selected platitudes,but actually provide the opportunity,for deranged obsessive people to make unpleasant comments.
one thing that can be said in favour of music reviews,is that no Editor,would allow such unpleasantness to be passed off in a folk review without some qualification.
e g.he cant sing in tune,he constantly changes key in mid song,he cant play the notes in of a tune in the correct order.