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Posted By: The Sandman
28-Aug-09 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: music critics,do we need them?
Subject: RE: music critics,do we need them?
here is why the first review is poor.
the reveiwer makes a remark which he does not qualify[concertina incongrous]etc.
2.he insults my motives for song writing.
3.He finds it necessary to comment[wait for it]on the cover artists name
4.he contradicts himself.
the single trad track is is handled with grace and ease,then states as a put down,on the principle that one should always end by saying something positive,I can tell you that my pressing had clean surfaces.[implying it was the only positive]
what this reviewer does is get caried away with the importance of his own pen,and wanders away [for at least half of the review on matters that are not to do with the recording, why do people change direction ,what are my motives for song writing.,he witters on about the fact I did not mention whether I knew the man in the Soldiers Prayer,What relevance does that have
if he didnt like the modern songs,fine ,but that can be said in one line.that review should be used an example how not to review.
a good reviewer.
should use the following rules
1.donot make unqualified statements.
2.try to be as objective as possible,Iagree it is impossible to be completely unsubjective,but use objectivity as a goal.
3.avoid verbosity,try and use one word not three.
4,tell the potential customer,about the music,not your musical prejudices. not waste readers time with drivel about artists motives,that is supposition,the customers wantsdetails about the recording nothing else.