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Posted By: The Sandman
28-Aug-09 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: music critics,do we need them?
Subject: RE: music critics,do we need them?
if a reviewer makes a statement such as Beatles music is incongruous on the concertina ,he should qualify or explain why.
it mught be acceptable for a reviewer,to make the following statement,this piece of music was witten to be played by the composer in a legato style,Joe Soaps attempt to play it on the Bowed Psaltery,is incongruous,because he cannot achieve the composers desired effect with ease on the instrument,that is good reviewing.
it is not acceptable to say Jim Couza should not play Bach on the hammerd dulcimer[because it is incongruous].
it might be acceptable to say Harpsichord music should not be played on the concertina,Ithink it is incongruous because,this particular piece requires the right hand to be louder than the left hand,and that is not possible on the concertina unless double tracking is used,and on this recording it isnt.
reviewers should try and tell us as much about the playing of the music,as well as what is on the recording,this reviewer told us nothing about the playing of the BEATLES MEDLEY,AND DID NOT QUALIFY HIS REMARKS,that is why it was bad reviewing.