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02-May-98 - 08:29 PM
Thread Name: Small Guitars?
Subject: RE: Small Guitars?
Thanks for the answers. I will be in Philadelphia and in Iowa City where my family and in-laws respectively live.

I didn't give enogh detail. I don't want to perform with it. I just want to practice on it. I don't have to be in the city as much as I used to and I am planning to move out into the mountains. I will probably come into Sydney on the train and stay there two or three days per week. I got rid of my car many years ago, so I want to be able to carry it to the train by foot or bike. In fact I will probably be carrying it around on a bicycle quite a bit.

What is the nut width of the Papoose, and of these fractional sized instruments? From what you say, one good thing about the Martin is that it has a standard fingerboard.

Barbara, I said "junk" not "shit", not that I know the difference when it comes to describing the sound of an instrument :-) One of my projects when I get better on the instrument, is to try to imitate the Carter Family sound. How does a Backpacker compare to an autoharp?

Thanks for the offer, Judy. I will probably land in Lax; but I don't think there will be time to pick up a guitar. After sitting on a 'plane all those hours, you can probably give me a Uke and tell me it is a 12 string guitar. ;-} I will keep your email address, however--you never know.