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Posted By: JohnInKansas
25-Aug-09 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: Winfield 2009 - Walnut Valley Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield 2009 - Walnut Valley Festival
We were so anxious to get a spot that we sold our house and moved into the camper on July 01, 2009.

After the great flood last year there was talk about quite a few people camping at Oxford this year, so we spent two weeks there to look over the campsite, before moving on to Winfield on July 17. They were so happy to see us at Winfield that they threw up a county fair as a welcome, and we also sat through the "Kansas & Oklahoma Antique Steam and Gasoline Engine" show.

A quick look yesterday found nobody at Oxford, but one of the reasons for camping there would be to avoid the long lineup at Winfield, perhaps. We've been told that the übermeister has declared that Carp Camp will be at Winfield. They had a good time at Oxford last year, and most of the ones we'd heard talking about returning there were from Carp Camp. (The Wi-Fi hookup was gone at Oxford, and our best cell phones didn't work; but the Wi-Fi might be turned back on if enough people move in there.)

We're sitting in "the pre-lineup" waiting for land rush so we can break a few things (as usual) trying to get our usual (or any) camping spot. In the move to our current "pre-linup" positions, the beergarden people bent a fender on one car and ripped the front bumper completely off another one (Toyota). The guy with the Toyota wasn't too concerned 'cause it was a borrowed car. I haven't identified the camper that took it off. The little gal with the bent fender was a little upset, but seems to be rcovering.

Lineup numbers won't be issued until 07:00 Sept 5, but we think we'll be in the first 50 or so for the Pecan Grove.

The number of campers currently here seems a bit fewer than at same time last year, probably only a couple of hundred thus far compared to our guess of 350 - 380 at the same time last year; but there's been a continuing dribble of late-comers. We suspect some of trying to shorten the stay (and reduce camping fees) due to the economy. (WVA has added an extra $2 "kick" to camping fees beginning Sept 5 this year - now city fees + $4.)

For Uncle Phil: The KPM Wi-Fi is showing five ports now in parts of the campground where I've turned on the laptop, but I haven't carried the laptop around to try to look at coverage. I couldn't see a visible difference in signal strengths between mid Walnut grove and Eastern Desert locations where we've parked long enough to look.

The hydro report shows the river had a peak at about 3.5 ft last week. Flood stage is at 18 ft, and last year during the evacuation it hit 32 ft. It lookes like we're safe enough unless there's a major weather change.

See y'all soon as ya get here.