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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
02-May-98 - 07:05 AM
Thread Name: Small Guitars?
Subject: RE: Small Guitars?
Backpacker as a dulcimer? Hmm. Well Barbara, a moment ago I would have said the instrument does sound like "doo doo" but the different perspective throws a whole new light on it.

Anyway, I have tried the Papoose, it's quite a nice guitar, but it is tuned higher. If you're ok with that then I'd say it's a good buy, I seriously considered one for a camping guitar, but since my Lady Fair plays violin, I couldn't be bothered with refiguring all the damn tunes. The baby taylor is a pretty expensive crittur, if you want a knockabout it is a lot to spend. NOT TO WORRY! there are a lot of small instruments in the stores that are pretty inexpensive, I bought a half size for my niece last autumn for about eighty dollars. I've seen more minis hitting the market lately, so you should find you have a lot of options when you get here. Just don't buy anything until you've checked out the second hand shops. Look in the retail stores first, then check the hand me downs.

By the way, where in this lovely land will you be arriving? I live in Florida, but regional variations in the states exist. Local Mudcateers can give you better advice.

Frank i.t.s.