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02-May-98 - 01:14 AM
Thread Name: Small Guitars?
Subject: Small Guitars?
I will most likely be in the US later in the year, and one of my projects there is to search out a (cheap) small guitar for traveling.

I have heard of the "Martin Backpacker" and the "Tacoma Papoose". The impression I have is that the Backpacker has standard tuning, but sounds like junk, whereas the Papoose is tuned a fourth higher than the standard guitars. There also seems to be a "Taylor Baby"--but I suspect that is out of my price range--even second-hand.

It has also occurred to me to get a cheap electric and listen to it with an earphone. It would be the only ugly looking instrument in my house.

I would be interested in opinions and other ideas for a good guitar for traveling.

(I most likely can peruse the archives of the acoustic guitar newsgroup and get plenty on this subject, and I will; but I would like the opinion of other mudcaters)