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Posted By: InOBU
01-Aug-00 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Grit your teeth, the PIRA boys are out
Subject: RE: BS: Grit your teeth, the PIRA boys are out
Oh, one more thing, I meant to say at the very start... griting one's teath is a VERY bad idea. Leads to all sort of problems at the dentist. So, in the interest of not makeing dentists any richer, try a level headed, calm, humanist approach. You will find, if you get the opportunity, ex-IRA volunteers are prone to speaking in quite reasonable terms.
One night, in my van, a young teacher from Cork was litteraly shouting about the IRA being a bunch of criminals who would kill you for your views. The fellow sitting next to her laughed and said, Nora, if that is the case your in big trouble, that is Tony O'Hara, Patsy's brother in the front next to Larry, that is Kelin (sorry for the spelling) Costello (Seamus Costello's daughter) and went on to name about five well known republicans in the van, who had been trying to reason with her in very quiet respectable tones, while she was screaming obsenities. She began, litteraly to shake and cry. (We were all in the same currach racing crew). When we arrived where we were going, I took Nora accross the street to a pub and bought her a beer. I calmed her down, and explained Turlochs point was NOT that she was in danger, but that these fellows had taken up the gun, in the absence of options to stop violence against them, and that she might concider that for the past few hours the reason she had not pegged them as IRA volunteers, is that they did not fit the steriotype she had been led to believe by the press - which by the way even in the States heavily relies on Ruters - and the British information service, as if there is much difference. So, she went back to the event, carried on talking with the lads, and became not only great friends of theirs, but realised that 99% of what she was baseing her knowelege on was untrue. Now, I am sure there are people out their who have first hand knowlege and expericences that will lead them to dislike, distrust or hatred of the IRA. This is the sad result of decades of war. But, the point is, reasoned dialoge is now more possible than ever, and gritting one's teath will not help the process.
And in that light, let me in this thread, again thank Conrad Blainey, for the really nice song about Roma (Gypsies) he posted the other day, and all those of us who have, issues (as they now say) with Conrad, check out the post and extend a hand to him. It is a start away from the grittted teath, hairy eyeball, clenched fist, growling, and the armalite.
All the best,