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Posted By: akenaton
05-Aug-09 - 04:44 PM
Thread Name: I am gone
Subject: RE: I am gone
Kendal...I didn't mean to imply that anyone here is stupid, I meant that it is getting more and more difficult to put up a reasonable argument for "liberalism"...and much easier for people with differing political opinions to attack it.

We are supposed to be a liberal democracy yet we attack other countries at will....try to criminalise free speech and free thought...allow our system to rob us of billions of /$ and saddle our kids with a huge national debt.

Your remark about spelling was well made, I'm a manual worker who enjoys folk music and likes to play guitar as relaxation, about the only time I do any writing is on Mudcat....I try to keep a check on spelling with the dictionary but I am often in a hurry to get out to work in the morning.
Please accept my apologies, I will try to take more time and care from now on. Thanks for pointing out the mistake, perhaps I can get Joe to correct the offending word....Ake