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Posted By: akenaton
05-Aug-09 - 02:48 AM
Thread Name: I am gone
Subject: RE: I am gone
Unce again, I find myself in agreement with Little Hawk, but I would add that the "liberal/democratic" stance has become so convoluted, as to be almost impossible to defend with a reasoned argument.

Most of the good people here are so short of intellectual "ammunition" that they feel they must resort to personal abuse to get their point across.

Another good example of this was the attack on Mr Griffin, and the disruption of his meeting by what was basically a gang of thugs using the very tactics that you all complain about from the BNP.

If these people are indeed fascist or racist, those parts of their arguments can be easily exposed.....but every part of their policy must be dealt with even the parts which cause us the economic immigration issue.

Ranting and raving is always counter productive and has caused the problems you are now experiencing with other "social networking" sites....sites which in my opinion are better avoided by adults!

This storm in a teacup reminds me of my years in the YCL and CP when every statement by the party was met by screams of "Commie" agitators"..."Reds under the bed" "Left wing scum" etc by the "liberal establishment".....most of the things the party agitated for have come to pass....minimum wage.... right to union recognision....even nationalisation of the banks :0), but at the time the abuse only made us more determined....Ake