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Posted By: Azizi
04-Aug-09 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: I am gone
Subject: RE: I am gone
Count me in as another member who is sorry to see Dan leave. Hopefully, he will eventually return.

I recognize that Mudcat is not a democracy. But if it were, I'd be in favor of guest posting only above the line and never in the BS section unless

1. a member posts as a guest in order to ask a question or share a personal situation of a sensitive nature

2. members post to Secret Santa and other such secret threads

3. a member has moderator approved personas such as Little Hawks's Chongo Chimp and Shane.

Under this scenario, the moderators would make an exception to the "No Guest posting in the BS section" rule.

Also, I'm not computer tech savvy, but it would seem to me that those administrators who know computers would be able to catch and ban a member who is creating "sockpuppet" Mudcat memberships (joining under a different name). It also seems to me that any Mudcat member who is identified as having used other member's name, identifying information, and or photos/videos without that member's prior permission should be banned from this site.

I think that members/supporters of the BNP would love that Mudcat banned any discussion about BNP polices and activities. But I agree with those who have said that we shouldn't give the BNP what they want. If Mudcat were to ban the mention of BNP, that would mean that discussions about Folk Against Fascism and other such organizations would also be banned or at least would be severely limited. And I think that would be a serious mistake.

Lastly, I recognize that this thread has-in part-become one that raises such meta questions as "Where are we? Why? And what can we do better?" such as this one has become. I think every organization and community needs to consider these questions every now and then.

I sincerely hope that this post and other meta type posts aren't deleted from this thread.