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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
04-Aug-09 - 07:57 AM
Thread Name: I am gone
Subject: RE: I am gone
"I know facebook is not Mudcat but the only people who know I am close to Bruce is Here on this site ... when we decide to clean it up ... someone let me know
until then I am outta here ...

What crap!!"

The internet is filled with dangerous people, crazy people...The BNP has more than their fair share of both.

Yes, they're targetting Mudcat, because they're incensed, and worried, by the way the Folk World is fighting back. They know that musicians will change the way people think, far more than they ever will.

Dan, to them, you, Bruce and all songwriters who are against them are dangerous, because you can reach many more people with your songs, your words and your voices than they can. You can spread the message of Good far more than they can spread their message of Evil.

Don't let it get to you too much. They're scum.

I am, however, in complete agreement with you over Mudcat sorting something out about this.

To lose the BS section would be a great shame. Not only is it filled with some wonderfu humour, but it also has masses of interesting and informative subjects in it, the fighting back AGAINST the BNP b*stards being one of them. To lose that, would be a great shame and it would be giving them *exactly* what they want, which is Suppression. If they can suppress the voices in here, then they have won a huge battle, because in here lies an army of people who can reek havoc on the BNP and their ilk, and they damn well know it.

Bruce is being given the most inspirational anger to write some of his great political songs, and who knows, the BNP may be doing us all a favour if that happens, because when Bruce socks it 'em with his words, many people sit up and listen...and his political songs are great!

So tell your kids that your pal Bruce is pissing the BNP cowards off so much that they're doing what they're doing to him.

That's what they are, cowards..snivelling little scumbags who have to take the hatred that has twisted their souls, out to other people.

Facebook should be sued to Kingdom Come for what they're allowing to happen. Hopefully, that WILL happen.

Mudcat carries 'weight' these days, perhaps far more than Joe and Max realise. The BNP realise it, and that's why they're trying to close the political part of it down, by doing what they're doing.

Just my opinion, but I think the time has now come for the 'Guests' button to be turned off, so that anyone who now posts in here HAS to register. It would make Mudcat a far nicer would make the Mods lives much easier too..and it would ensure that 'orrid little oiks who appear in here to post personally abusive messages, knowing that they cannot be PM'd or traced, would no longer bother with Mudcat.

They're of no loss to anyone.

It won't stop the scumbags from reading what's written here....but it'll sure make certain that they can't upset people *in* here.

This is a Community, and some of those within it are now under attack.
We should all stand together to counter that attack.

Write a song about this, Dan...

I know you can do it...