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Posted By: Jim Dixon
30-Jul-09 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Q for ancient order of bucket menders.
Subject: RE: Tech: Q for ancient order of bucket menders.
More objections:

1. An axe that was too dull to cut a straw would be very dull indeed. In fact, I doubt that such an axe could exist and still be called an axe.

2. Even if the axe wouldn't cut the straw, you could cut or break the straw some other way, such as by biting it.

3. If you really needed to sharpen the axe, you could use a dry whetstone. What's the point of wetting a whetstone anyway? I have sharpened many a tool with a dry whetstone, and it worked just fine.

4. If you really needed a wet whetstone, you could spit on it, or carry the stone to the well and wet it there. All it takes is a few drops, not a bucketful. Even without a bucket, you could dip a rag into the well and get enough water to wet a whetstone.