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Posted By: meself
27-Jul-09 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: Word meanings in Banks Of Sicily
Subject: RE: Word meanings in Banks Of Sicily
This curious statement appears above, from back in '02:

'"Fey" is quite widespread in the USA and Canada, quite possibly because there is no real substitute. Because it is an old, old word, it has several meanings now, which are usually clear from the context of the writing or speaking.'

This is not consistent with my experience - I don't believe I have ever heard this word spoken in Canada, and I've spent time all over the country, and listened to a lot of talk. And I think it's fairly rare to encounter it in print in North America, at least in any kind of serious work published within the past sixty years or so. Outside of certain children's books, you would be more likely to find it used in the sense of "precious" rather than in reference to the supernatural. That's my impression, anyway, for the benefit of future lexicographers.