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Posted By: paddymac
30-Jul-00 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Grit your teeth, the PIRA boys are out
Subject: RE: BS: Grit your teeth, the PIRA boys are out
As to the releases of 28 July: there were 86 men released from the Maze, of which 46 were IRA men. The balance were mostly Protestant paramilitaries, and there were a handful of INLA members. These releases were the last scheduled under the terms in the Accords of 10 Apr 1998 (aka "Good Friday Agreement" or "Belfast Agreement"), and brought the total number of men released to 428. The releases on Friday were staggered so as to allow each group its "moment" with the press, with Protestant paramilitaries first. Yes, you can probably find a bit of official partisanship in the sequencing, but it doesn't strike me as a big deal.

Lena - There is a wealth of material out there in book form to make you as informed as you want to be on the problems of Northern Ireland. Two books I strongly recommend which give you a good insight into the subject of state-sponsored terrorism in Ireland are "The Committee" by Sean McPhelimy (1998) and "Big Boys' Rules" by Mark Urban (1992)

Paddy(1)- It was Dermott (Diarmuid) McMurraugh, King of Leinster, who invited the Normans into Ireland, at the recommendantion of Henry (I think II), to help him in a feud with the O'Rourke, which had to do with the kidnapping of the willing "victim" Dervogilla. A I recall (without checking sources) it was McMurraugh who took her from O'Rourke, and O'Rourke didn't seem to have overly disturbed - until McMurraugh sent her back. Whhen McMurraugh made his pact with deClare (Strongbow) he offerred his crown on his death and his daughter's (Aoife?) hand. The first Normans arrived in the early fall of 1169.