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Posted By: Noreen
28-Jul-00 - 07:08 PM
Thread Name: What is a Slip Jig?
Subject: RE: What is a Slip Jig?
LOL sophocleese, I'll remember that.

For the sake of completeness: under Jig my (concise) Grove [:o)] expounds thus:
A vigorous dance of the British Isles documented since the 15th century. It has many historical and regional variants and in some versions is akin to the hornpipe and the reel. The Baroque Gigue may derive from it.

Marion, I looked at your earlier thread which Jacob gave the link to. Particular double jigs would probably be played for dancing a heavy (treble) jig, as certain tunes sound better than others at the slower pace. AND slip jigs and hop jigs are both 9/8 tunes, but as I understand it a hop jig is a simpler dance, since kiddies are taught the hop jig as one of their first dances. Does this make sense?