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Posted By: Noreen
28-Jul-00 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: What is a Slip Jig?
Subject: RE: What is a Slip Jig?
Hi all, lots of stuff here!
Jon, thanks for the Ceolas link, very useful.

Hello again, Fionn, glad you're happier with it. I agree it's not black & white, a lot of what we talked about before is in the style of playing and small differences in rhythm and stresses. This is indeed, as Jacob said, important in which tune is played for which dance. Keep listening and dancing!
Mbo, my Grove (concisedictionary of music) mentions jigs but nothing further. I'd take it up with Mr. Grove!
Marion, my sister's fiddle teacher used to dance at the same time as playing the fiddle, not a slip jig though. I put a link in another thread to a clip of Chris Leslie dancing and playing at the same time. And as far as I know, Marion, the term treble refers to the step i.e. the rapid movement of the hard shoe on the floor in a 'heavy' jig, and has nothing to do with the tune (which would normally be a double jig). The jig is normally played more slowly to allow the dancer time to fit in all the battering that shows off their skills. Now Fionn, don't start worrying about treble jigs as well!! :o)