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Posted By: Azizi
28-Jun-09 - 09:30 AM
Thread Name: Michael Jackson's Impact On Music Videos
Subject: RE: Michael Jackson's Impact On Music Videos
Melissa, I don't believe that either BET or MTV were ever part of the basic package in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-the city where I live. You had to pay extra for whichever "package" included those cable channels. But I believe that they might have been (and probably still are) sold together, along with HBO, which was/is a popular movie channel.


Here's some information about the MTV and BET shows that feature/d hip-hop music videos:

"Yo! MTV Raps is a two-hour American television music video program, which ran from August 1988 to August 1995 through its identity of Yo! MTV Raps (and until 1999 by the name Yo!). The program (created by Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty) was the first hip hop music show on the network, based on the original MTV Europe show, aired one year earlier. The U.S. version was hosted by Doctor Dré (not to be confused with N.W.A. alumnus Dr. Dre), Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddy, premiering on MTV on August 6, 1988...

The advent of Yo! MTV Raps in the late 1980s was crucial to the spread of hip-hop around the world.[1] Through MTV Europe, MTV Asia, and MTV Latino, African-American and Latino style and sound was instantly available to millions of people across the globe. This helped to create a worldwide appreciation and interest in the hip-hop scene, which is something that was celebrated on the Yo! MTV Raps 20th anniversary.[2]"!_MTV_Raps


"Rap City is a long-running music video television program block (debuting on August 11, 1989) aired on the Black Entertainment Television network. The program was an exclusive showcase for hip hop music videos, and features interviews with and freestyles from popular rappers, and often has guest DJs serve as co-hosts.

The show was created by former BET VJ/producer Alvin Jones, a.k.a "The Unseen VJ". This was a spin-off of the "Rap Week" segment of Video Vibrations, also hosted by "The Unseen VJ".

While its competitor Yo! MTV Raps, which is now discontinued, mainly focused on all of the popular rappers, Rap City also included videos from up and coming underground rappers.

The program also had a Weekly Top 10 Countdown that aires on Saturdays. From 1991-1994, it was known as the "Top 10 Rapdown", when Prince Dajour (who also hosted Teen Summit) was host"...


I'm almost positive that my children-who are now in their early and mid thirties-preferred MYV's hip-hop video show "Yo! MTV Raps! to BET's hip hop video show "Rap City". I remember being called to watch certain videos with them and distinctly recall the hosts of the MTV show much more than the hosts of the Rap City show. I'm patting myself on the back because I even remembered the names of two of those hosts-Dr. Dre and Ed Lover- prior to looking up that information. Those hosts had strongly defined personas on that show. I remember that Ed Lover even had this funny dance he would do to an Ed Lover dance instrumental music that would periodically be played while the hosts were chatting.

Oh for those days of my youth!