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Posted By: Azizi
27-Jun-09 - 09:28 PM
Thread Name: Michael Jackson's Impact On Music Videos
Subject: RE: Michael Jackson's Impact On Music Videos
SRS, thanks for posting that link to the "Fresh Air" interview with Michael Jackson.

I'd like to address this point in that article:

"And that same month, March 1983, Jackson appeared on a live NBC entertainment special honoring the 25th anniversary of Motown Records, the label on which the Jackson 5 had recorded. He reunited with his brothers and sang that night, but he also made a solo appearance that remains one of the most electrifying star turns in TV history. While performing "Billie Jean," he introducing a new dance move he had concocted for the occasion a backwards-gliding step he called the moonwalk."

[Italics added by me for emphasis]


Actually, Michael Jackson popularized but did not create the moonwalk dance step.

See this excerpt from

"The moonwalk or backslide is a dance technique that presents the illusion that the dancer is stepping forward while actually moving backward. It gives the appearance of a person moving along a conveyor belt. The dance move gained widespread popularity after being performed by Michael Jackson during his song "Billie Jean" on the March 25, 1983, television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever,[1][2] and was considered his signature move.[2] The moonwalk has since become one of the best known dance moves in the world.[2]

The move commonly referred to as the moonwalk today was originally known as the backslide or "walking on your toes".[citation needed] The moonwalk was the name of another dance now known as the "circle moonwalk".[citation needed] The step has two distinct types. One is called the turn walk. This is usually performed very quickly giving the impression that the dancer is walking quickly in a circle. The other circular moonwalk type is known as the 360 or Four-Corner Moonwalk and is often done much more slowly in a floating style. This involves sliding a heel back (usually the left heel), pivoting both heels to change direction, and then pivoting the non-sliding heel 45 degrees. Other moonwalk variants include the "sidewalk" or "side glide", in which the dancer appears to glide sideways, and the "spotwalk", in which the dancer appears to moonwalk in place.

The moonwalk was recorded as early as 1955 in a performance by tap dancer Bill Bailey.[3] The French mime, Marcel Marceau, used it throughout his career (from the 1940s through the 1980s), as part of the drama of his mime routines, such as in trying to chase a balloon, etc. James Brown used the move in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. Jeffrey Daniel performed a self-made variation of the moonwalk in a performance of Shalamar's "A Night To Remember" on Top of the Pops in 1982. A member of the Electric Boogaloos performance group, Timothy 'Popin Pete' Solomon, also performed the dance move in the Talking Heads video 'Crosseyed And Painless', which aired around 1981."...