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27-Jun-09 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: Michael Jackson's Impact On Music Videos
Subject: RE: Michael Jackson's Impact On Music Videos
Here is a transcription of a Fox Business television show that features a discussion about Michael Jackson's impact on the production of music videos.

The transcription is described as being automatically generated. There were some obvious errors in that transcription and some words that were not captured for one reason or another. I have put my correction of those errors and my recollection of what was said in brackets within the transcription. Of course, my corrections may be also be faulty.

Title: Jackson's Impact on Music Videos

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2008

Description: Former VH1 President Ed Bennett on how Michael Jackson shaped the business of music videos.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

[TV Commentator] So [Michael Jackson was not] the first person to make a music video but Jackson really did revolutionize the way music videos were made. He was a genius at marketing and promoting his records through his videos. He knew how to build the excitement for them. He turned them into a kind of a mini movie that launched an entire sales campaign for his music is towards. And a multitude of other Michael Jackson products. Of course like most of what Jackson did, [these videos] were more elaborate and more expensive than anything that had been done before. And fans just – ate it up] -- So did the folks at the music video channels including our next guest Ed Bennett He is former president of VH 1. Great to see you. Thank you for coming in. So what is it that [Michael Jackson] did different? Was he turning music videos from home movie [which is what they were to] short films?

[Benett] [Michael Jackson created the concept of music videos as a short film. And he attracted the best film directors in the industry. Martin Scorsese. John Landis. …He [attracted "A" [level] talent for the production of video talents]. And he had a big dream had a big vision of what a music video should be.

[TV Commentator] When you were you were [there at VH1] you were the president CEO from 89 until 94. How much of what this one artist did affected your business?

[Bennet] Well every time [we aired] Michael Jackson videos my ratings [would] go way up.You could see that right away.You could track that. .If we would tie two or three [Michael Jackson videos] together, we would see an immediate bump… It got to the point where we could actually run Michael Jackson videos all weekend. Michael Jackson weekend.All Michael Jackson all weekend. Nothing but Michael Jackson…[He had] so many videos and they were all diverse and so interesting or so compelling. And for a cable network it was great for us because we've had that repetition we could cycle through them would it create a lot of diversity because he had a lot of inventory…"
[[TV Commentator] "The one that that sticks in my mind of the dance scene segment that sticks in my [mind]… [more than anything else] was actually not a music video. It was the 25 anniversary of Motown I guess was 1983. Where he did Billie Jean it's the first time I ever saw the moon walk I don't know if we can put that went up they're 25 anniversary of Motown. Yeah I remember exactly where I was when I first saw do you think many people do yes that was revolutionary at the time. What made it revolutionary? " Just think about [what he invented]d. You know hip hop dancing. He invented a genre of dance that it never been seen before. And by the way many people are trying to beat what he did what he developed this advance. I know today on clothes. Very very rare I I have not seen anybody be able it was it was a combination of the new moves in the -- he had both of those you know when you see. Current dancers today you look at say I've seen that before I've seen that ... because Michael invented [it and he did it all himself. He didn't even use any choreographers.[TV Host- "Is that right? I did not realize he was a choreographer of all those [videos]

[Bennett continues speaking] [He (Jackson) was a tireless tireless worker he took great pride in [what he created].

[[TV Commentator] Actually -- Billie Jean I guess was done before that the music video correct?

[Bennett] That's correct.

[TV Commentator] Did you run both of them [and[ the Motown segment?.
[Bennet] ..[I ran] everything. Everything I get my [hands on because]… it was great. [I] … couldn't get enough [from] him because he really raised the bar. What was great about Michael's videos is that every time I played them it [raised our ratings] … it's also a message to other artists that this is what you have to do .This what you have to beat. In order to get play on the network this is the standard production that we [expect].-- Because its artistic its diverse it covers fashion, it covers music. It covers dance it covers film making of course it wasn't cheap. As I've mentioned before this is far more expensive and elaborate….

[TV Commentator] You were saying [that] usually the videos cost about 3 million to make. His cost 30 million -- 10 times what the norm was.
[Bennet] Well when he first did "Beat It" he wanted to produce this music video [with] Martin Scorsese. He wanted eighty people in the video. Eighty people. [He] wanted to based [it] on West Side Story. Only that was his vision what he wanted [it] to be. A big epic…. The budget came in. Three million dollars Sony said. A music video for three million?! You … must be joking. So they had a disagreement needless to say. So he said okay I'll pay for. Because actually he expected [it to pay off]. So Michael get away with paying for [that video] because if they spend that money it would come out of his royalties. Viewers who [like the video and buy the record. They [Sony] didn't want to put [out] that money but [Michael Jackson] believed enough in what he was doing he said " I'll put the money" So you just put up three million bucks three million dollars and [you make a video that sells 300 million dollars worth of [your] music. That a good investment. I think it's a terrific advantage. See that's -- that's the irony of this guy as. as wacky as some of his behavior could be at some times [his] business sense [was]- sharper than anybody in the room. He was a genius at marketing and promotion without focusing on [that] deliberately yeah because his art. Really spoke for itself. And … he did something at everybody's going to remember for the rest of their lives and that's what Michael did. … He created something that no one else had ever done before and maybe will never match again.
[[TV Commentator] "And the other thing we got to mention "Thriller" because he had actually prepared … the anticipation [for the album]. He knew how to build the excitement for something. By the time "Thriller" came out everybody was just screaming and try to get a copy [of] it. That was a fourteen minute film. – [noted horror film actor] Vincent Price was in. [It wasn't until you] got through eight minutes [of the video until] we get to the music. ….It was a whole narration of zombies and also it had that more thing that John Landis [did]. John Landis was the director of film called ["An American Werewolf in London"]. Michael saw that [it ] set [him] off. [He wondered] How you do that. Part of those faces morph and changes. [So he put in a call to] John he said. "Hi Michael here. Have you heard my album? [John] is thinking "What album?] [Michael said to him]…" I want to do this music video. And I want to [add all those morph faces changes] in that you introduced in your film. [That's] the way I see my film. [It will be unbelievable]". [The director said] .So that's going to cost you a lot of money [And Michael Jackson said] "That's no problem. Money was no object well and we saw what happened though. [It was] the best[selling]album of all time.

[TV Commentator] [Unfortunately we have to run. I'm way over time but I got to ask }Has there been anybody who's come close to Michael Jackson in what he did for music videos now?

[Bennett]. Nobody even close.

[TV Commentator] TV Host] You think there ever will be there?


[TV Commentator] Well. [It's been] great to see you.


With regard to the comment in this discussion about the dance movement referred to as "moonwalking", the automatic transcription gave it as "adjustable walking". I corrected it to "It just the walking". But the "adjustable walking" phrase is a kinda witty description of moonwalking. Don't you think?

BTW, I definitely disagree with Bennett's statement that Michael Jackson invented moonwalking.   And I don't believe that it's true that Michael Jackson choreographed all of his videos. It's documented that award winning African American choreographer Michael Peters worked with Jackson on a number of his [Michael Jackson's] videos.