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Posted By: Janie
17-Jun-09 - 02:05 AM
Thread Name: King Coal Dumping on Jean Ritchie and ALL OF US!
Subject: RE: King Coal Dumping on Jean Ritchie and ALL OF U
Guest, while I agree with you, the responsibility goes well beyond "the few greedy rich."

The construction workers that came after Maria Gunnoe to the point she put a tall chain-link fence around her house for protection are not the greedy rich.

Most of those of us who have become so acclimated to air conditioning or a winter thermostat set at 72 or 68 degrees F, or with so many of our other electrical appliances, or with our "silent electrical "users (think of the red light on your power strip,) are not part of the few, greedy rich.   

It is not just the rich. It is our generally high standard of living, (at least in this country,) and each of our individual failures to fully appreciate and accept the consequences of our choices, both short and long term, for ourselves, our progeny, our neighbors-next door and across the world, and our species.

It is our culture. And it may well also be our human nature.

We best get evolving. As a species, our behaviors are becoming increasingly less adaptive.