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Posted By: Neil D
02-Jun-09 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: What's your favourite John Lennon song?
Subject: RE: What's your favourite John Lennon song?
"John Sinclair" stands as one of the few protest songs that actually worked. The song and John's efforts on his behalf were instrumental in helping to gain Mr. Sinclair's release from prison where he was serving ten years for giving two joints to a narc (they gave him ten for two, what more can the bastards do). Dylan's "Hurricane" exposed an even greater injustice, nevertheless I give John props, plus the slide guitar really rocks.
    The primal scream of "Mother" is one of the most powerfully emotive pieces of vocalization ever. I literally get chills up my spine whenever I hear it. I think it took a certain kind of courage to give unabashed tribute to his love for Yoko Ono in songs like "Oh, Yoko" when she was being held in such low regard by his own fanbase.
    I also love "Instant Karma", "Imagine", "Yer Blues" and really just about everything he ever wrote. All that being said I have a special place in my soul for "Working Class Hero". I used to break out the old vinyl and play that song every year on Thanksgiving Day.
I'm not quite sure why, maybe as counterpoint to the spirit of the day, but it was a privately heartfelt tribute to a man who had a major impact on my life. I know he was far from saintly, his imperfections were part of what made him so infatically human, but his willingness to profoundly expose that human frailty to the world made him great.