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Posted By: SeanM
21-Jul-00 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: us navy drinking songs
Subject: RE: us navy drinking songs
History is SERIOUSLY lacking in the USN, at least on the enlisted side.

If you sit down and read the Bluejacket's Manual, you'll get some of it - but only a very brief gloss before they get down to the truly important business of how to properly fold your underwear...

Sad, really. I'd bet that some 90% of the abuse I've seen the Navy put the locals (and themselves) through would be curtailed if they actually tried to instill some pride in the service along with the discipline...

The mental vision of a horde of drunken sailors carousing through the streets of Abu Dhabi singing "Bang Away Lulu" alone makes the idea worthwhile... Gotta be better than the same thing with Snoop Dogg.