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Posted By: The Shambles
20-Jul-00 - 02:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Killing the thread
Subject: RE: BS: Killing the thread
Click here for an example Distortion of history in folksong.

This will probably kill this thread stone dead……. or not?

One of the things that 'kills' a thread for me is when someone (and this usually and mainly Catspaw), sets the questionable example of taking the trouble to post to it and makes NO other contribution to the thread. Other than to say " that was an excellent post _________", or "well done _______". Or some other private joke and this whether the thread is BS or not.

If it is ever really necessary to publicly praise someone, without totally patronising them (given that there are better ways like personal messages to do it). It would be nice to see some positive contribution made to the subject being discussed as well, otherwise such post's motives may be thought of as, best unhelpful at worst, 'brown-nosing'.

It surely shows not a little conceit, to think that a post containing ONLY your approval will be of any interest to anyone else, when a post showing ONLY one's disapproval, would generally be accepted as having little value?